About Bass Point Cottages

Bass Point cottages mission is to provide a beautiful, natural atmosphere where families and friends can create happy memories together. Our grounds are maintained to ensure that all of our guests can enjoy them to their full potential. All guests are encouraged to enjoy and explore the natural beauty that Bass Point has to offer. From swimming and fishing in beautiful Wilson Lake to hiking on the many trails offered by local state parks, Bass Point offers many ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

Bass Point Cottages are located on beautiful Wilson Lake in Wilton, Maine. Our property features 1,275 total feet of lake frontage, including 200 feet of sandy beach.

Swimming is permitted in all areas of the lake but recommended at the sandy beach.

Summer lake water temperature ranges from 70 degrees on the surface to about 45 degrees at the deep point (88 feet)

There is a wide variety of fish present in Wilson Lake, as lake trout reproduce using the rocky shoals to spawn and maintain the productive fishery. Salmon growth is good, despite competition from warm water fish species. The lake is also occasionally stocked with brook trout to supplement the small native population.

Water quality is suitable for many coldwater game fish including:

  • Landlocked Salmon
  • Lake Trout (togue)
  • Rainbow Smelt
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • White/Yellow Perch

The lake is accessible via the docks at Bass Point, as well as at the public boat launch located south of downtown Wilton, and is open to fishing under general law both in summer and winter seasons.